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An Eco Mindset

As eco-conscious hoteliers, we use energy-saving technology and eco-friendly materials wherever possible.

Sustainability and environmental awareness were at the heart of the decision-making process when building our hotels. As a result, they have been designed to be energy efficient, using sustainably sourced and environmentally sensitive building materials and controlled by an intelligent building management system. We have a Green Team that meets once a month to make sure that we maintain standards and implement new initiatives.

Some of our eco friendly features and practices include:

For Marrable’s:

• Our own borehole beneath the building: we use it to flush loos and cool both our fridges and your bedrooms.
• Natural light and passive ventilation: this is provided by Marrable’s central atrium and automated skylight.
• All the timber used in the building’s construction was bought from sustainable sources, and the paints used in our interiors are environmentally-friendly.
• We have recently invested over £125000 on upgrading internal glazing in all the rooms, to assist with heat loss/conservation.

For Zetter Clerkenwell/Marylebone

• Our cosy parlours and unique bedrooms are all furnished with upcycled furniture, purchased at auction or on the internet, including original antiques.
• Once no longer usable, all our furniture (including office furniture) get picked up and turned into raw material (mainly saw dust) for new furniture.
• Our Marylebone property also has water sensors in all the rooms – taps turn off as soon as you remove the key card, to avoid leaks and over-consumption; in addition to movement sensors in the corridors to turn the lights on at night.

All Zetter properties

• Occupancy detection systems in the bedrooms: so that when you aren’t there, minimal energy is burned. And when a bedroom window is opened the air conditioning has been designed to cut out
• We work with First Miles – for collection and disposal of all our wastes, including food wastes, coffee grounds and office wastes. We achieved Gold status in 2023 and recycled at least 80% of our waste and sent nothing to landfill
• Low plastic policy – we offer filtered still and sparkling water in glass bottles, non-plastic take away cups and recyclable lids.
• Our bath and shower products have been chosen for its environmentally friendly packaging and the formulations, which contain no parabens, phthalates, petrol-derived ingredients, mineral oil, urea, DEA, TEA or propylene glycol – changing soon to large refillable bottles
• We use LED lights across all our properties, to reduce energy consumption.
• Cleaning products: we work closely with our suppliers who have generated their own-brand products which are eco-friendly.
• All our paints are water based, as they are manufactured more sustainably.
• Our hotels are linked to a BMS system that controls several central systems, allowing reduced usage at night when guests are asleep.
• We now insist that our food deliveries take all their packaging away with them or use fully recyclable packaging. If a supplier is using too much packaging, we push them to do better or take packaging away with them. We also try to regroup deliveries with some suppliers, to avoid multiple deliveries on the same day.
• Supporting local: Wherever possible, we use or work with local or British brands. Our kitchens also focus heavily on British or better still, local produce.
• Donate old linen to Battersea dogs and cats home, spearheaded by Dave our Head of Maintenance and Tatjana, Head-Housekeeper.

Can we do better?

We are always open to new suggestions so if there is something that you think we should be doing please do let us know by emailing